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Get Quick and Convenient Cash for Your Junk Cars Today

Tired of an eye-sore junk car cluttering up the driveway? Maybe your kid grew up and moved away with a brand new late-model SUV and left the family compact behind. Bought one too many Mercedes and want to try minimalism instead?

No matter what your current vehicle situation is, you can turn unwanted ones into cash in a quick and convenient way. We at Cash for Cars serve car, truck, van, and SUV owners in the Dayton, OH area. Our goal is to make the car selling process much easier for people not involved with the industry.

The Old Way of Selling Your Car

Keep your car or another vehicle clean and parked somewhere people can notice it. Publish your phone number and other personal information for potential buyers to call. Meet people at your home or other location and try to convince them to buy your car. Advertising can be expensive, and sharing your info and meeting people might be dangerous. Do not forget the hassle of paperwork.

Why Choose Us Instead

Avoid all the headaches and possible trouble with our quick and convenient service. All you have to do is call, give some basic information about the vehicle, and we take care of everything else. We will come to your house, look the car over, safety handle all the paperwork, and give you cash in your hand. In many cases, this all happens the same day you call.

Cars are accepted even if they do not run or have cosmetic damage in most cases. We pay out cash for junk cars that you may not be able to sell in any other way. We also accept cars in good condition ranging from used vehicles with high mileage and a few scrapes or dings all the way up to nearly new, low mileage ones. The payments we give are fair based on market value.

No matter why you have an extra car, truck, or SUV you want to get rid of, we provide the method and the money you want. Do not wait any longer or accept the difficulty that often comes with the sales process. Get cash in your hand as soon as possible instead.

Instead of waiting days or even weeks to sell a car on
Craigslist or elsewhere, give Cash for Cars a call.